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French Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris)

French beans are immature green pods which are referred to as snap or green beans. The beans are a major export crop in Kenya whose local consumption is gradually increasing. The crop is grown by both large and smallholder farmers. 


The pods vary in colour, depending on cultivar. The growth habit is both dwarf and climbing type. The beans are grown for both fresh consumption and processing (mainly canning and freezing). French beans containing protein, fat, calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamins A, B, D and starch. The Kenya produces about 200,000 tonnes of Green beans with about 60% going for processing while about 40% of production is exported fresh. 



The   major outlet for the French beans is the European Union market with UK topping the destinations. The export market in Kenya falls into two major seasons: The low demand season runs mostly from June to September every year. It is characterized by lots of supply from those who produce with the long rains and low demand from the EU market as they can produce their own by then.

The high demand season usually runs from September to around March. During this period, EU markets are faced with winter and their only option is to import and that is when Kenyan farmers benefit from production.

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