To be the lead organization in Kenya in the provision of high level lobbying, advocacy and capacity building for sustained market access for Kenya horticulture exports.


To enhance growth and development of the horticulture industry in Kenya through creation of an enabling environment.

Objectives of the Kenya Horticultural Council

The overarching objective for establishing KHC is to foster compliance to market access requirements through an effective quality management system 

The specific objectives for which the Council is established include:-       

  • To undertake advocacy aimed at improving the business environment both locally and abroad
  • To establish an effective and efficient communication system that will raise the profile of the industry and manage crisis .  This will involve keeping engaged with both local and international stakeholders on all pertinent issues affecting the industry, gathering information, dissemination of the information, building and creating strategic relationships with relevant stakeholders

Core Values

The KHC is guided by the following values:

         a. professionalism

         b. integrity

         c. consistence

         d. resilience



The Kenya Horticultural Council (KHC) is an umbrella body consisting of the Kenya Flower Council (KFC) and the Fresh Produce Exporters Association of Kenya (FPEAK) to address crosscutting issues facing the industry including carrying out high level advocacy and lobbying on behalf of its members.


FPEAK, formed in 1975, is a trade association representing growers, exporters and service providers in the horticulture industry. Members of the association are involved in growing and/or exporting fresh Cutflowers, fruits and vegetables.


FPEAK supports growers and exporters by providing technical and marketing information and training, act as an information centre, and run active lobbying and as advocacy programs to enhance the sector’s competitiveness.


KFC is a voluntary association of independent growers and exporters of cut-flowers and ornamentals , formed in 1996, with the aim of fostering responsible and safe production of cut flowers in Kenya with due consideration of workers welfare and protection of the environment.


Against this background the KFC has become a common platform for industry representation, advocacy, promotion and compliance to pertinent local and international standards, deemed necessary to secure markets.


 KFC administers compliance through an internationally accredited KFC Certification Scheme on good agricultural practice,            sustainability, social accountability, hygiene health and safety, capacity building, environmental protection and conservation,          adherence to which is the backbone of all KFC activities. 


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